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  Sraz 2

First and most played Croatian game in new edition brings: 3000 new questions, network games supported, new graphics and sound, with every question animation, video or picture
Sraz is social quiz game with strategic elements for two, three of four players. In a game influence of luck is reduced to minimum. Success of every player depends only on his/her knowledge.

Sraz is game that requires thinking and not reflexes. It is designed to be interested no matter if you are 12 or 40 years of age. It is important that you are in a good company and that you like to play - than we can guarantee you hours of good time. Maybe you even learn something .....

Language: Croatian Producer: 32 bita d.o.o.

Minimal system requirements: minimum 486DX processor, 16 MB RAM, CD ROM, VGA card with 1 MB RAM, mouse
Recommended system requirements: Pentium processor, 32 MB RAM, 8xCD ROM, VGA card with 1 MB RAM, sound blaster, mouse
For network game following is required: local network with IPX protocol, or modem or serial cable, and of course someone to play with
Sraz 2 works on computers with Windows95/98. For proper functioning requires DirectX 6.0. If it's not already on the system it will be installed together with Sraz 2.

      Price: 31,77 USD



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