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About us is a Croatian firm founded at the moment when inside Croatia all requirements for quality Internet presentation have been fulfilled (wide use of the Internet, accessible technology, and so forth). deals exclusively with Croatian products and Croatian culture with deliberate attention to the use of Internet.
In time we will expand our product offering, while maintaining the criteria that all products must have highly recognizable Croatian identity and must present Croatian culture in a decent way.
We would like to point out that we give special attention both to Croatian products which are not well known and to products which already have recognized value on the world market.
In that sense we are opened for all suggestions and projects that are in tune with our mission. Please do not hesitate to write us at


We at CroShop view Croatia to be an attractive tourist country and a country which is home to a huge number of people living throughout the world. We especially believe that Croatia, as a young independent country, has need for the best possible presentation outside its boundaries. Today globalization enables to bridge differences, but without losing cultural distinctiveness, which is the cornerstone of every nation.
In light of these truths our mission is to present the best and most recognizable Croatian cultural products using modern technology.

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We at believe in constant improvement and are always interested in our customers' comments and questions and also critique. We invite you to enrich this site with suggestions and ideas and to help us to raise the quality of Croatian presentation in cyberspace. Our policy is to answer your questions as soon as possible, so please e-mail at or just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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