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How to shop

In order to make it easier to shop in please read the following guide. At the beginning of each trip to our shop you are assigned a "virtual basket". All products you choose to buy are first put into your "basket". Your "basket" holds these products for you and shows you your current total. You are not obliged to purchase items in your "basket" until after you check out.
At any moment, as you shop, you can check the contents of your "basket" by pressing the icon "View Basket". At "View Basket" you can remove any items from your basket that you decide not to buy. To completely remove an item from your basket, enter 0 as the number of items for a particular product, and then press the X button. You can also increase or decrease the total number of an item in the same way. The changes will be reflected in your "Basket" after pressing X. You browse through the shop by using the product categories on the left side of the screen. After selecting a category you will be given a list of all products in that category. To buy a certain product click on a product link or on a product picture. After that you are taken to a product page with the product picture, price and description. If you choose to buy that product enter the number of products you wish to purchase, and then click on "Buy!". This places the selected product into your "Basket".
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Checking Out

When you are done shopping click the "Check Out" icon. You will be taken to secure page. At to fill out an electronic purchasing form. Necessary fields are marked with asterisk. It is important to leave your email address so we can send you a receipt and keep in contact with you concerning your purchase. Clicking the "Button" button sends your order. All information is encrypted before being sent (see more in "Security"). You will be sent an electronic bill which you can print or save for your records. Orders which are sent can not be canceled.
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All confidential data you enter is absolutely safe (confidential data includes all personal information, the order itself and credit details). insures modern techniques that allow secure Internet shopping.
The base of secure shopping is the encryption of confidential data.
Browsers enable the sending of encrypted data over the Internet. Browsers can operate in two modes, normal and secure mode. You can tell which mode your browser is in by looking at the right-bottom of the browser window. If you see a broken key or an open padlock, you are in normal mode. Every time you access a secure page the key becomes whole, or the padlock becomes closed.
Another way to check whether a page is secure is to look at the web site address (URL). A standard web page address begins with 'http://'. A secure web page will begin with 'https://' where the additional letter 's' denotes that the merchant is using a secure server for the transaction of data.
In order to be reliable your browser has the ability to check whether a web page is really secure and trustworthy. Your browser checks via digital certificates. Every firm doing business on the Internet must have a digital certificate so that a browser can automatically detect a firm's authenticity and the firm's secure pages.
Digital certificates are issued by international firms who guarantee a merchant's identity and guarantee that a merchant has Web pages which meet rules of Internet commerce. Digital certificates act as electronic signatures and cannot be forged since signatures can be generated only by companies authorized for selling them.

Along with a digital certificate a merchant gets ciphers for encryption of confidential data. After your browser comes to our secure page it switches to secure mode and accepts the certificate in which the public key is stored. When you click the "Send" button data is first encrypted with the public key and than sent to us. Information encrypted with a public key cannot be decrypted without a corresponding private key, which only merchant possesses. In this we you are ensured that no third party can intercept any information you send to us, particularly your credit card information.

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  • If you choose payment via Postal service it is necessary you leave phone number since we have to check every order that is paid in that way. (available only for delivery within Croatia).
    If you wish, you can pay inside Croatia by general receipt at the amount stated on your electronic bill. You will have the option of saving or printing your electronic bill.
    Information for general receipt includes:
    In the Croatian language section of the shop all transactions are listed in Kunas. In the English language section of the shop all prices are listed in $US. Price in $US is calculated in real-time on a current exchange rate. In that way you are buying at Croatian prices and than just ecxhange your money. If you are buying outside Croatia you may shop in the Croatian language section of the shop, but your credit card, if it is issued outside Croatia, will be charged in the currency of the country in which it was issued. Credit card companies do conversion by their own exchange rate. charges only the amount from the electronic bill according to the daily exchange rate of Croatian National Bank.
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    All prices are Croatian market prices. We are aware that shipping expenses are considerable, especially for overseas countries, and we tried to adjust prices accordingly. VAT (value added tax or sales tax) and handling is included in the product price, and are both separately stated on the bill you will receive with your ordered products. All prices are subject to changes without prior notification.
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    All orders are sent in packages that prevent product damaging. If you don't receive your order in the declared shipping time (see the table below) please contact us, and we will insure that your order comes to your address. Add 5 working days to the given period for order processing. can not guarantee the shipping time quoted by the various providers. Shipping costs are automatically calculated and are shown separately on the electronic bill.
    Shipping cost depends on the type of service and the number of products. The table bellow shows the different shipping services with basic costs. Inside Croatia only ground mail shipping is available.

    continent-country/shipping service


    air mail

    EMS (Express mail system)


    3-4 days


    up to 2 days


    2-3 weeks

    up to 7 days

    2-3 days

    Middle East and North Africa

    4-6 weeks

    up to 10 days

    3-4 days

    Central Africa and Central Asia

    4-6 weeks

    up to 12 days

    5-6 days

    North and Middle America

    4-6 weeks

    up to 12 days

    5-6 days

    South Africa and Far East

    4-6 weeks

    up to 14 days

    5-6 days

    Australia and Oceanic

    4-6 weeks

    up to 14 days

    5-6 days

    Type of service

    Basic shipping cost

    Mail in Croatia

    from $1.2

    Mail for abroad

    from $14

    Air mail for abroad

    from $16

    EMS (Express Mail Service)

    $19 + weight fee


    from $80

    Please note that for International shippings only initial shipping costs are high and that every additional item carry only small additional charge. We advise you to put all product you wish to buy so you can check what would be mailing charge. You can always see what are shipping charges if you check out and choose shipping method. After that you can always continue your purchasing.

    Tax and duty

    Any customs or import duties are levied once the package reaches its destination country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by the recipient We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.
    Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you may want to contact your local customs office for further information.
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    Every effort is taken to ensure all items are always in stock, occasionally some items will be temporarily out of supply. If that is the case, and we need more than 5 working days to obtain that item, you will be informed via phone or email. In that case you can choose the following:

  • Shipping of currently available products and canceling the part of the order which is out of stock (shipping for buyers inside Croatia remain the same and for buyers outside Croatia shipping costs are decreased according to the products wich are not sent)
  • Waiting for all products to be available, about which you will be informed, and shipping only of the complete order (shipping costs remain the same)
  • Immediate Shipping of available products and waiting for the rest of order to be sent by another shipment when the products are in stock (shipping cost is increased for the additional shipping)

    We also give you the possibility to cancel the complete order. In that case you will be informed when all articles are in stock.
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    Return policy

    Upon receiving a package the buyer should immediately inspect the contents. If there is any physical damage the buyer should refuse receipt of the package and report the damage to the delivering company. Returning and replacement is possible if there is a manufacturing defect in the product. In such case contact our sales at

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    Privacy policy

    In we respect and protect your privacy. You can visit this site and find out about our products without giving us any information about yourself. However if you decide to place an order you will be asked to submit the standard details for purchasing a product over the Internet.
    All information given during a purchase is guarded by "secure connection" (more about that in "Security"). None of the provided information is accessible nor shared with a third party, unless we have your permission or we are legally bound to.
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    Language use is a bilingual web shop. Upon entering you can choose between the Croatian and English language sections of the shop. You may contact us in either Croatian or English.
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    Terms of use


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