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  Vučedol Dove

Ceramic replica of "Vučedol Dove".
Replica is produced in the sculpting studio Peraić.

Height is 5 cm. Info: There is only one original piece of ""Vučedol dove"".Original dove is 19,7 cm high. It was found in 1938., and it is kept in Archeological Museum In Zagreb.
The Dove is named after a same named finding place Vučedol near Vukovar. Vučedol culture originate from regions of Eastern Slavonia and Srijem, with main founding places in Vučedol, Sarvaš and Srijem, and has spread to wide Europena areas.
Analyses with radio-active coal showed that Vučedol culure filled time between 3000 B.C. and 2200 B.C.

      Price: 7,81 USD



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